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Push up inserts

Push up inserts

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Vodič za veličinu

Push up inserts - for additional effect

They are ideal for use under hawe strips. It is recommended for smaller breasts, AC cups, which need additional push up or shaping.

There are 3 pairs in the package.

- Extra push up

- Lateral push up

- Basic shallow push up

Inserts are machine washable.

In the package, you also get a bag in which you put the inserts when washing in the washing machine to protect them from possible damage.

instructions for use

1. Put the insert on the breast and shape it to the desired position, i.e. shape

2. Holding the desired shape with your hand, i.e. position, glue the tape over the insert in such a way that the tape covers the skin around the insert, that it is strong enough and that it securely holds your insert and breasts as you wish

3. After removing the insert, wash it and dry it in fresh air


Inserts are reusable. After use, you can wash them in the washing machine at 30 degrees with other clothes. In the package, you also get a bag for inserts, in which you put the inserts and put them together in the washing machine. This way your inserts remain preserved. The inserts are then dried in the fresh air.


Cotton, sponge

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