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Vodič za veličinu
Each package consists of 1 boob tape of skin color, 3 pairs of boob covers and 5 pairs of nipple covers. Just choose your package according to the bra cup size you wear. For example, if your basket is A, then you will choose PACKAGE A.

instructions for use

Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Make sure that there is no lotion, powder, oil, perfume, make-up, sweat, sunscreen or spray tan on your skin, as this will also prevent sticking. This also includes moisturizing soaps and body washes because they leave a lotion on your skin. Also, after applying the product to the skin, on the application area and the surrounding area, do not apply preparations that would cause it to peel off.

Protect the nipple area with nipple cover. place the product against your chest and measure the length you need. Then cut the product to the desired length. Slowly peel off the protective paper from the product without touching the sticky side of the product with your fingers. While holding the breast up, with the other hand slowly place the product in the desired direction depending on the method of sticking and shape the product around the breast and as you stick the product to the skin, peel the product off. Our suggestions for gluing can be found on the product packaging.

When removing the product, first gently start peeling off the ends of the product. If removing is not uncomfortable, just gently and carefully pull and remove the product. If you find that removing is uncomfortable or difficult, use oil. Rub oil (any kind) onto the product and make sure it covers the sticky side of the product. The oil has to reach the glue to dissolve it, so we suggest that you do not apply the oil on the top side of the product, but peel off the product a little and rub the oil on the sticky side. We advise you to use the fattiest oil possible, such as coconut oil. Allow the product to soak in the oil for as long as it takes for the glue to dissolve. If necessary, add more oil. This will help loosen the glue. Slowly pull the small corner of the product i.e. the product. With one hand, press firmly on the breast just above the corner of the product that you lifted, i.e. pulled. Grasp the corner of the product with the other hand. Slowly begin to withdraw the product. Do not pull the product away from the body at an angle of 45 degrees, as this may cause injury! Instead, pull it back towards you. Do not tear the product suddenly so as not to cause damage to the skin. After removing the product, we suggest applying a soothing agent such as aloe vera to the skin.


Store the product at a temperature of 5 - 25 °C.



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