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How to put on and remove HAWE boob tape

Keep in mind that this product seriously holds! It is important to follow all instructions and use the product with caution. If you have any questions, we are here for you at:


1. Product description.
Boob tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, acrylic adhesive. Each roll is 5 m long, and the tape is stretchable up to 170%. The adhesive is applied in waves, which enables better stretching and easier removal of the tape. The tape is for single use. One roll is sufficient for about 10 uses, depending on the method of gluing.
The tape is waterproof and sweat-resistant.
It comes in multiple colors and multiple sizes. You choose the colors according to the clothing combination that suits you, and you choose the size according to the following table:
The straps fit AG size bra cups. They suit firm and loose breasts as well as small and large and heavy ones.
HAWE tapes are not intended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or people with sensitive or thin skin. Some women have thin skin around their collarbones or upper chest, so be careful when applying tape to them. Do not wear the product for more than 6 hours. Do not expose the product to prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat while in use. This can cause skin irritation. Do not sunbathe with the product. Do not wear the product two days in a row. Remove the product and contact your doctor immediately if you experience itching, swelling, rash, discomfort or any skin reaction to the product and stop using the product immediately.
Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
Product shelf life: 3 years
Store the product at a temperature of 5-25 degrees C.
2. Before using the product, test the product on your skin.
When you buy the product, you also get a tester. Peel off the tester from the protective paper and stick it on the skin on your chest, on the area where you intend to stick the tape. Keep the tester on the skin for at least 12 hours. If you experience itching, swelling, rash, discomfort or any reaction to the product on the skin, do not use the product.
3. Make sure that you apply the product on dry skin, without lotions, creams or the like.
Make sure your skin is CLEAN and dry. The glue will not be able to stick to dirty and oily skin. Make sure your skin is free of lotions, powders, oils, perfumes, make-up, sweat, sunscreen or spray tan, as this will also prevent sticking. This also includes moisturizing soaps and body washes because they leave a lotion on your skin.
Also, after applying the tape to the skin, on the application area and the surrounding area, do not apply preparations that would cause it to peel off.
4. Use nipple shields to protect your most sensitive area
Pads are important to protect your nipple area under the bands. Protections are purchased separately.
Protectors are available in various shapes, sizes and materials.
Read about protections on the blog:
5. Putting on the tape.
Place the tape against your chest and measure the length you need. Then cut the strip to the desired length. We recommend that you use our scissors for cutting tapes and covers to make it easier to shape and at the same time prevent tapes and covers from coming off.
Slowly peel off the protective paper from the product without touching the sticky side of the tape with your fingers. While holding the breast up, with the other hand slowly put the tape in the desired direction depending on the method of gluing and shape the tape around the breast and as you stick the tape to the skin, peel the tape off. Smooth out any unevenness before applying the tape. So stick slowly. Once the tape has touched the skin, it must not be reworked or peeled off because it will not stick again. Do not pull the tape too much when gluing, i.e. do not tighten it too tightly. Too much tension on the tape can cause the tape to stretch too much on the skin causing irritation. Carefully cut off any excess tape that you don't want visible. Our suggestions for gluing:
If you need a detailed view or advice on how to stick the tape, we are here for you at or in DM on our Instagram account:
Here are some video examples:
6. Do not wear the product for more than 6 hours.
We guarantee that the products will last up to 12 hours. Many of you will be delighted with how well they hold and how they feel with them and exceed the deadline and wear the strips for more than 24 hours. Be aware that the tape will be more difficult to remove after 6 hours and skin irritation is possible. Our recommended wearing time is 6 hours. After that, be sure to check how the skin reacts and whether everything is in order. If it is necessary to change the tape and the method of gluing where the same area will not be loaded. We mean this area:
The area where the glue ends, i.e. the ends that bear the greatest effort. Special caution if you are using the tape for the first time.
7. When removing, do not pull or suddenly pull the product.
When removing the tape, first gently peel off the ends of the tape. If removing is not uncomfortable, just gently and carefully pull and remove the tape. If you find that removing is uncomfortable or difficult, use oil.
Rub oil (any kind) onto the product and make sure it covers the sticky side of the tape. The oil has to reach the glue to dissolve it, so we suggest that you do not apply the oil on the upper side of the tape, but peel off the tape a little and rub the oil on the sticky side.
We advise you to use the fattiest oil possible, such as coconut oil. Allow the tape to soak in the oil for as long as it takes for the glue to dissolve. If necessary, add more oil. This will help loosen the glue. Slowly pull the small corner of the tape ie the product. With one hand, press firmly on the breast just above the corner of the tape that you have lifted, i.e. pulled. Grab the corner of the tape with your other hand.
Slowly begin to pull the tape. Do not pull the product away from the body at an angle of 45 degrees, as this may cause injury! Instead, pull it back towards you. Do not tear off the tape suddenly to avoid damaging the skin.
We also attach a video:
After removing the strips, we suggest applying a soothing agent such as aloe vera to the skin.
8. More additional tips.
If wrinkles, i.e. bumps, appear on the tape, it's okay. Small bumps will not be visible under clothes.
Round the ends of the tape with scissors, this will prevent the tape from coming off.
If you want a bigger push up, use the cross way of glued strips.
Below we have attached a video and ideas on how to stick strips depending on your outfit:

Fides et ratio doo (Hawe) is not responsible for injuries caused by improper use of the product.

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