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Disposable nipple cover

The package contains 5 pairs of disposable skin color protectors. There are 4 types of such protection and they are:
  • Cotton flower
  • Satin flower
  • Drip cotton
  • Dripping satin
The difference is in shape and material. Cotton ones are woven, while satin ones are not. You choose the ones that suit you better. The package contains 5 pairs of the same type of protection. For example 5 pairs of flower cotton.
Nipple shields are light and invisible under clothing.
The skin color will cover your nipple and prevent it from standing out and protect it.
The protections are disposable, which means that after the first pasting, you will not be able to use them again.
It is very important that you apply protection on clean and dry skin that has not been treated with creams, lotions or similar preparations that will prevent it from sticking. The glue will not be able to stick to dirty and oily skin. Make sure your skin is free of lotions, powders, oils, perfumes, make-up, sweat, sunscreen or spray tan, as this will also prevent sticking. This also includes moisturizing soaps and body washes because they leave a lotion on your skin.
Also, after putting protection on the skin, in the area of ​​application and the surrounding area, do not apply products that would cause them to come off.
When applying protection, remove the protective paper and stick it over the nipple area.
Remove gently and slowly. When removing, do not pull or suddenly pull the product. If removal is difficult, use oil in the same way as written in the blog: How to put on and remove HAWE breast strips (
If redness or irritation appears, do not use the product. Do not use on damaged skin.
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