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Double-sided adhesive tape for clothes

The package contains 50 pieces of double-sided adhesive tapes for clothes, dimensions 18x85mm.
With this safe and invisible double-sided adhesive tape, your clothes will stay neat and in place. It is ideal for flowing dresses, t-shirts, shirts, collars, jackets, ties, socks, boots and the like. Forget about needles or pins. The double-sided adhesive tape for clothes is invisible. The adhesive is designed to leave no residue on fabric or clothing after removal.
Here is a video on how you can use double-sided adhesive tape for clothes.
Make sure your skin is CLEAN and dry. The glue will not be able to stick to dirty and oily skin. Make sure your skin is free of lotions, powders, oils, perfumes, make-up, sweat, sunscreen or spray tan, as this will also prevent sticking. This also includes moisturizing soaps and body washes because they leave a lotion on your skin.
Also, after applying the tape to the skin, on the application area and the surrounding area, do not apply preparations that would cause it to peel off.
Remove one side of the white protective film, press the exposed adhesive side to your skin or clothing. Remove the white protective film from the other side of the tape. Attach the fabric to the masking tape and you're good to go.
The tape consists of hypoallergenic materials.
Warning: Remove the tape before washing, drying, dry cleaning, ironing, etc. Test the product before use on delicate materials.
Product shelf life: 2 years
Store the product at a temperature of 5-25 degrees C.
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